3 Ways To Bring Fall Into Your Home

  Fall is such a spectacular season! The scenery and temperatures make it one of the best times of the year in upstate New York. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough and gets cut shorter still by the early start of winter holidays. So if you haven’t yet decorated your home […]

Event Decorating

On July 25th, I had the good fortune to celebrate my daughter’s marriage and was thrilled that she called on me to help with the décor! Much like decorating for a client, the selections had to reflect my daughter’s style and wishes – simple, practical and green. And like with most decorating projects there was […]

Decorating with Cut Flowers

By this time in the season, a lot of potted plants are starting to look tired. Although they still have some beautiful blossoms, overall they start looking like eyesores. So here’s what I did with my potted pansies that are the first thing I see before entering my office. I cut off all the blossoms, […]

Event Decorating – Designing a wedding favor

While we anxiously await the photos of my daughter Stephanie’s wedding, I would like to share a glimpse of the decor. As you might expect, I played a big part in the design. As with most large decorating projects, the fun is often in the details. I designed the wedding favors to coordinate with the larger theme by […]

Wall Therapy for the city

I love to use artwork in my staging and decorating projects, from original pieces by local artists to budget friendly prints. I especially loved this piece (shown below) by Banksy, a British street artist that has covered buildings with his controversial, and often politically themed, stenciled pieces. Read more about Bansky and where to purchase his […]

Special Event Decorating

I recently had the opportunity to do some decorating for a very special person in my life. Our home was the location for an intimate bridal shower for my daughter, Stephanie. The first item on my planning list was selecting a theme. I love the look of umbrella canopies and knew that a shower would […]