Italy Recap

I arrived back in the USA with fond memories that will last a lifetime! We started the trip with the simple pleasures of life in Racalmuto, Sicily. I caught up with family news and marveled at the growth of the youngest generation. The homemade meals were made from the freshest of locally grown [...]

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Taormina, Sicily

We went out to see some sites today in Taormina, Sicily. The Greek Theatre in the photo below is carved out of the hillside and was refurbished by the Romans in the 1st century AD to accommodate the Gladiator games. The bottom photo is a great view from Castelmola in Taormina. More [...]

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More from Italy

We are enjoying our time in Italy, catching up with family and soaking in the sites. The first photo below is a typical view from Racalmuto. My son Christopher picked some grapes from my family's terrace, which was a really nice treat. The large painting is by my cousin Silvio Macaluso of [...]

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Racalmuto, Italy

        I am traveling in Italy this week and will be sharing images from my trip. This is the fountain in the center of my family's hometown, Racalmuto. Racalmuto is a small town in the Agrigento region of Sicily. It is not a frequent tourist spot but the people [...]

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Horizons 2012 Home Show

  I attended the Horizons 2012 Home Show held by Buffalo Niagara Builders' Association on Wednesday. It's going on from August 4th - August 19th at Spaulding Green in Clarence, NY. There were ten homes to view and lots of design ideas to see. Although picture taking wasn't allowed in some of [...]

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