Home Staging During The Holidays

holiday staging

Most homeowners worry about having their home on the market during the holiday season because, among other things, they think they won’t be able to decorate. Have no fear, you can still deck the halls! When done properly, holiday décor can add emotional appeal that is so important to a sale. So follow the guidelines below and enjoy the holidays!

  • Don’t let holiday decorations dominate a room. As with all staging, keep it simple. Rather than adding holiday pieces to your year round décor, trade one piece for another. Think elegant and sophisticated rather than cutesy. Save Santa and Frosty for next year.
  • Avoid a clash of colors. Holiday decorations do not have to be red and green. There are a large variety of festive colors that will compliment most any color scheme.
  • Keep outdoor decorations simple and to a minimum. Opt for placing lights on trees and bushes rather than on the house. You don’t want buyers to wonder about damage to the roof or siding caused by fastening the lights. Be especially careful that walkways are free from wires that may create a tripping hazard. Spotlights are a great option, use them to highlight architectural features.
  • Unless you have a huge room, consider a small potted tree or a tabletop version. Skip the kids homemade ornaments and personal mementos. Select tree decorations that compliment the color and style of your room. While two or three beautifully wrapped boxes will add to the festive look, don’t clutter the floor with loads of gifts. Hide them in the basement or garage.
  • If you’re selling a beautiful view don’t put wreaths on windows. Likewise, architectural features should remain in plain view. The holiday smells of gingerbread, spiced apple cider and evergreens are all great for staging a home.
  • Avoid religious symbols in holiday decorations. You want the largest number of people to be able to envision themselves in your home.

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